This blog post is about traits and what make you, well you. In case you are wondering, traits are a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person. Traits can be good or bad whether it’s being clumsy or being a good reader, traits are traits and we can’t get rid of them. That’s just the way life is. In this I’m writing about my traits.

character-traitsOne of my traits is that I am a good reader. I am always reading, I always have a book with me, wherever I go I have my book with me. When we took a trip too Michigan too go camping in the woods for 3 days I put a book in my backpack and read the book in one night. I can read a 300 page book in one day and completely understand it. I was reading a book, warriors, just sitting on the couch and next thing I know I’m on the last page.

I always fully understand what I am reading. Some books are hard too understand like it will be telling the story from one persons point of view and then in the next chapter it’s yesterday and it’s from a different persons point of view. Warriors are a lot like that and so are a lot of other books. I can read all kinds of books and understand them. I read 3 warrior books in one day. When we where on our way home from Michigan I read 3 warrior books in like 3-4 hours. I had downloaded them on my kindle and read them all.

One of my traits is that I’m really quiet…. most of the time. I am really quiet in class, I have been most of my life. Except for in forth grade I was kind of loud. I usually don’t talk in class and my teacher gets mad at me. I don’t raise my hand like ever and at my parent teacher meeting my teachers told my parents that I need too raise my hand more.     Being quiet, I am a good listener. Since I’m quiet I don’t get in trouble for talking. The other day my friend was talking but I was looking at the teacher and not saying anything too her. At home I am sometimes quiet, sometimes loud. My mom is usually yelling at me telling me and my sisters too be quiet, but sometimes when people come over we are quiet.

Another one of my traits is that I am helpful.  If someone ask me for help I will help them. The person that sits next too me in math class often ask for some help so I help her. If I see someone struggling with someone I will go see if they need help, and help them. Sometimes the person that sits next too me in math is struggling with some of the work and they don’t ask for help so I ask them if they need some help and help them.

Some traits are good and some are bad either way they are your traits and they make you you. Traits can be that you are helpful, kind, considerate, caring, greedy, or selfish. In this post I only used three of my traits, the traits that I wrote about are some of my most obvious traits. Some people might not think I’m quiet though, it depends on who you ask. If you ask my sixth grade teachers they will say yes, if you ask my friends they will say no. That’s all for now. 😀 Image by, 

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  1. I do not think I can agree with you on the quiet thing I just say that you are shy. Because on the fist or second day of school we were in Mrs.Huysman class after lunch and noticed you were talking to Devin and Sara. But you would not really talk to me so I kept on thinking and thinking. Then I asked Sara and Devin ” What school did Sydney go to school at ?’ And when they said Lauriville I knew that you guys had to be friends so all I had to was to get you to be my friend. Was that harder than I though. You would not talk to me so that is what kinda made it hard. But eventually you opened up but when you opened up you were mad because I could not say your name right. But we worked it out.

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